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Enlightenment is a Jewel Reflecting Everything
Both warriors and sages, the mages of the Akashic Brotherhood bring thousands of years of martial prowess and philosophy to the Traditions. The Warring Fists discipline their minds and hone their bodies to the peak of natural physical perfection. As the Akashic Record tells, though, one must fight for true virtue without becoming consumed by violence. How can the young mages battle for a world free from technological dependence while still striving for peaceful enlightenment? There is a puzzle worthy of a true master....
But Everything is Nothing
At last, a revised look at the Traditions for Mage: The Ascension. Completely new material covering history, practices, beliefs, special character rules and more. Examine the Tradition's new role in the wake of the Reckoning and the hidden secrets and powers of the surviving Traditions.

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