The Tourette incident, also known as "sibling rivalry", was a mental breakdown suffered by the Malkavian known as Jeanette/Therese Voerman, during the events of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.

The daughters of Janus

Overview[edit | edit source]

After dispatching the thugs at the Surfside Diner, the player receives a phone call from Jeanette. Frantic and frightened Jeanette informs the player of Therese's treachery and swears to reveal the location of Bertram Tung in exchange for her safety. Once inside the Asylum, a disturbing sight unfolds. At first glance Therese appears to be holding a gun waiting outside the bathroom where Jeanette supposedly locked herself in. However when approached Therese' face has one side of smeared make-up and a ponytail and the other without. The player has sole power in sparing one life or two, leaving both unchanged or one altered for the rest of their unlife.

White Mistress[edit | edit source]

I admit I knew this night might come.

The player bears the option of siding with Jeanette and receives five points of experience. Jeanette is genuinely disheartened by the loss of her sister and asks the player to come by and cheer her up once in a while, stating "I'm going to be so lonely without Therese..."

Dark One[edit | edit source]

I'm about to rid the night of this deviant, backstabbing whore!

Bending to the will of Therese will cost the life of the ivory princess. Therese bears no mercy in her voice, though a sense of sadness is visible. She tells the player to wait while she calls off the feud. Her composure and outer appearance return to normal. With unscathed surfaces she happily reveals Tung's haven. Unlike Jeanette, Therese views her murderous act as a necessary evil and values no endearing importance for her sister. This option also earns the player five points experience.

Invincible[edit | edit source]

You must both learn to live in the same skin.

A diplomatic alternative to the following methods, you must convince the sisters their quarrel belongs in the past and their alliance would greatly benefit their causes. This approach awards the player with six points of experience and favor with both dark daughters.

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