Torvald and Bohr were two legendary Troll brothers from the Bronze Age.

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Perhaps because of the distance between human and fae, perhaps because of natural forces, Arcadia grew more distant. Hindsight makes the disappearance of trods and withering freeholds clear warning signs of the coming Shattering. Sadly, all eyes were, instead, on the machinations of the CourtsSeelie and Unseelie warred openly, worsening the chaos. Trolls were as involved as any other kith as the rush for power as oaths of fealty dragged even the closest friends into conflict.

A famous such conflict was between the brothers Torvald and Bohr. Both trolls were in the service of ambitious lords. Politicking led to marshaling forces and the two knew they would have to face each other in battle. When the day finally happened and the opposing armies gathered on opposing sides of the Glade of Tears, the brothers challenged each other. All gathered knew their love for each other and the powerful oaths that held them to service unto death. The field hushed as the two battled; minutes becoming hours as still they fought. Each knew they could not defeat the other and so decided to sacrifice themselves for the other. With a final cry in service to their lords, they lunged at the same moment, mortally skewering the other. As their blood spilled out, the armies withdrew, reminded of the kinship of all fae and with each lord regretting their actions that led to the noble death of the two heroes. Was it a futile gesture? Such actions are the very heart of what separates the trolls from the other kith.

References Edit

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