Toronto is the most populous city in Canada, and the capital of the province of Ontario. The province holds a full third of Canada's population and one half of the population of the United States is within one day's drive over the border, resulting in a cosmopolitan and multicultural atmosphere

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Vampire: The MasqueradeEdit

Toronto is firmly in the grasp of the Sabbat, as well as major portions of the United States bordering this region.[1] The city still prospers, putting the stereotypes of Sabbat cities as crime ridden hellholes of urban decay to shame.[2] The followers of the Path of Death and the Soul have chosen Toronto as the center of their activity, with the Bleeding Hearts pack even opening communication with vampire scientists beyond the Sabbat.[3] Despite this, their hold is not absolute. Pockets of Anarch resistance exist, who are more theoretical and political adept than other Anarch cells in North America.[4] The Inconnu have a Monitor stationed in the city, Bianka.[5]

Werewolf: The ApocalypseEdit

Toronto boasts two urban Caerns, mostly inhabited and managed by Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers. Both septs are multi-tribal and allow visitors, usually packs that then travel abroad to deal with Wyrm infestations.[6]

Mage: The AscensionEdit

Toronto hosts one of the largest Chantries of the Akashic Brotherhood outside of the Middle Kingdom. All sects of the Tradition are represented in its council. A sizable population of Wu Lung expatriates entertain an amiable relation with the chantry.[7] The Verbena also have a small presence.[8] The Syndicate is known to have the headquarters of one of its largest multi-national gaming corporations, Dominion Consolidated Gaming, Ltd., within the city.[9]

Changeling: The DreamingEdit

Toronto is part of the Duchy of Bosky Tarn, sworn to the Kingdom of Northern Ice within Concordia.[10] Among the Kithain, the city is famous for its masses of Autumn People on the streets and its smog.[11] Nevertheless, a small Freehold exist near the Codsell Avenue. The former Nunnehi place has a small motley of Childlings called the "Gangsters" and is connected to a Trod in whom objects that people have lost can appear.[12] A single Grump, an exiled Sidhe of House Liam called Varlan, makes his residence near the Freehold.[13]

Mummy: The ResurrectionEdit

The Shemsu-Heru maintained a presence in Toronto before the Sixth Maelstrom.[14] How many Amenti have returned to the city is unknown.


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