Name: Torn
Nicknames: The Bleeding Ones, Victims of Malice, Chosen of the Red Horseman, Marked by Murder and Conflict
Keys: Stigmata, Passion

The Torn, the Bleeding Ones or Chosen of the Red Horseman, are one of the Thresholds in Geist: The Sin-Eaters. It represents one of the ways a Bound could view his own death.


The Torn died by violence: a bullet by a mugger, a knife by a rapist, a beating by a mob. As a result, the Bleeding Ones tend to be violence-oriented: one might be obsessed with vengeance or a particularly brutal form of justice, while another might be what can only called a living saint; working to prevent violence and bring about understanding and reconciliation. However, violence is always a part of their new existences in one way or another.

The geists of the Torn almost invariably represent this violence: A skinless woman with knives for fingers and barbed wire for hair who screams for vengeance, a thin man wearing a hoodie which constantly drips blood and trails a smell of gunpowder, or a collection of voices all screaming for mercy in a dozen different languages.


The Deathsight of the Victims of Malice is equally violent. A blinding headache, a momentary veil of blood over their eyes, and the dead appear, showing every wound, bruise and trace of poison in disturbing vividness.



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