Torment is the supernatural expression of suffering experienced by Prometheans.

While all Prometheans are tormented by their rejection by the natural world (as manifest in Disquiet), this suffering is not mitigated by a soul as it would be in humans (or other creatures with souls). Torment can be created by a number of sources, most notably Disquiet-affected humans, defeats, failures, pain, hunger, and fire fueled by threat.

If the Promethean is not careful to keep their Torment in check, they will become consumed by it and lose control, acting at the mercy of their dominant humour (as defined, usually, by her Lineage). In all cases, a Promethean will cease their hunt for Mortality, their Azoth sputters and pollutes their humours, and the Promethean must use more Pyros to fuel their abilities. In severe cases, a tormented Promethean may even lose Willpower and gain derangements.

Prometheans acting under Torment will remain in this state for as many hours as they have points of Azoth, during which significant damage can be done to the world around them. Once a Promethean comes out of a Tormented state, they may have done irrepairable damage to their Pilgrimage.

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