Torment is the supernatural expression of suffering experienced by Prometheans. It is also the name for a Promethean's Vice equivalent, representing the particular trait that causes the most alienation from humanity.

Most Created exist in a constant state of alienation, dysphoria and even physical pain due to their unnatural life. When particularly strong distress upsets their internal alchemy, Prometheans fall into a state of unimaginable emotional and physical suffering. These episodes of Torment can be triggered by stress or injury, enduring the Disquiet of others, failures when using Transmutations, or a setback on the Pilgrimage. Torment is harder to avoid while in a Wasteland, and being part of a Branded throng with multiple Created of the same Lineage also makes one particularly susceptible to it.

In Torment, the Created act out in ways influenced by their Lineage and its primary humor, as well as their personal Torment trait. Frankensteins explode in rage, Tammuz fall into depression, and so on. While they may be aware that their behavior is destructive to themselves and those around them, they are unable to control or moderate it. Prometheans can sense whether another Created is in Torment through their Azothic radiance. Some particularly Tormented Created give up the Pilgrimage and become Centimani.

A Promethean can emerge from Torment through the influence of their Elpis trait, or by changing to a new Refinement, unless they shift to Stannum. They can also vent their Torment by creating a Wasteland or even a Firestorm, or by withdrawing from all contact with humans or other Created for at least a month.

The Refinement of Stannum explores the Promethean's relationship to Torment, and is instantly available to all Created without tutoring. The Refinement of Cobalus also frequently deals with Torment as a means to understand and purge the Cathar's flaws.


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