Toren na Gulon is an Unseelie Troll Grump and a feared warlord in the Kingdom of the Burning Sun.

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Toren na Gulon

There are endless stories about Toren na Gulon. A powerful Unseelie warlord, the Iron Duke has much in common with the wolverine that is his personal totem. This old troll is fierce and tenacious in battle, with incredible toughness and an ability to turn on an attacker even when at a disadvantage. Many people have made the mistake of thinking he was down for good when they've felt a steel blade slice their spines. The outlaw has a personal guard of nine rough and rowdy redcaps, known as the Iron Brigade because of their iron-soled boots and sharp spears tipped with the same metal. This self-proclaimed duke, because of course no noble would give him such a title, maintains a large mountain freehold in the Kingdom of the Burning Sun. His fortress is built from huge oak timbers and looks like an old Norse mead-hall. Na Gulon loves to fight and will gladly go to war with anyone who upsets him. Worse, he's frequently put on retainer by Unseelie fae and members of the Shadow Court. Often the threat of his allegiance is sufficient for his "liege" to scare off enemies; na Gulon's reputation is enough to make even the toughest sidhe warrior pause in deep thought. Some nobles have sent retainers on reconnaissance to the troll's fortress, but they'd be nuts to fight him alone. Unseelie fae may find lucrative employment under the Iron Duke.

References Edit

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