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Tome of the Watchtowers is a sourcebook for Mage: The Awakening. It offers further information and options for players of all five Paths.


From the Onyx Path catalog:

Glimpses of a Higher World
When a mage Awakens, she touches one of the five legendary Watchtowers. The Atlantean kings erected these mystical spires in ages past to call out to slumbering souls, beckoning them to claim their birthright: the power of magic.
A Guide to Paths for Mage: The Awakening™
  • Details on the histories, practices and societies of the five Paths
  • Charts of the many symbolic correspondences between the Supernal Realms and real-world occult systems
  • Sample Path characters and new Legacies

Prologue: Doorways

Fiction. A young cabal of Free Council mages prepares for a Banisher attack.


An overview of the book's purpose, and the rules for dedication.

Each of the following chapters contains notes on the history, rites and society of the Path, and impressions of its associated Supernal Realm. Each chapter ends with character creation notes, a new Legacy for the Path, and several sample characters (the last with full statistics).

Chapter One: Acanthus - Path of Thistle

New Legacy: Storm Keepers.

Chapter Two: Mastigos - Path of Scourging

Includes the new Merit Daimon. New Legacy: Liberatores.

Chapter Three: Moros - Path of Doom

New Legacy: Bokor.

Chapter Four: Obrimos - Path of the Mighty

New Legacy: Ascended Adept.

Chapter Five: Thyrsus - Path of Ecstasy

Also includes a collection of new Merits to do with shapechanging and the spirit world. New Legacy: Neocologists.

Background Information

Though not credited originally in this book, this contributor was later acknowledged in the Mage book MTAw: Tome of the Mysteries Buy it from DriveThruRPG! Now in Print!.

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Acanthus, The Aether, Arcadia, Dedications, Legacy (MTAw), Mana, Mastigos, Moros, Obrimos, Order, Pandemonium, Path, Primal Wilds, Stygia, Supernal Realm, Thyrsus

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