Tome of the Mysteries is a sourcebook for Mage: The Awakening. It offers information on creating magic as well as how different cultures view and affect magic.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

"You who would harness thunder to the chariot of your will and wield the winds with your breath - do you think these things are owed to you? That they will yield to the investigations of your mind, as a ripe fruit to the knife? Does the water obey the stone? No, the water, with its supple flow, carves the stone.
So does magic carve your soul.
As the sea hides its secrets from the land, so magic cloaks itself, revealing its depths only to those who plunge in. The Temple of the Mysteries lies sunk deep below these torrents, under the sediment of centuries. Can you hold your breath long enough to dig it out?"
- The Tyrian, rumored archmaster
This book includes:
  • Advice on creating your own spells and understanding how cultural beliefs affect magic
  • Speculations on the nature of archmastery and the rumored Abyssal Watchtowers
  • A plethora of new spells and item enchantments

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Introduction: The Ars Mysteriorum Edit

Chapter One: The Way of Fire — Making Magic Edit

Chapter Two: The Way of Air — Spell Lore Edit

Chapter Three: The Way of Water — Magic and Being Edit

Chapter Four: The Way of Earth — Magic Manifested Edit

Chapter Five: The Way of Void — Greater Secrets Edit

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