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The Tomb of Five Corners is a quickstart adventure for Exalted First Edition.


A band of mighty heroes is brought together by hazy visions of its members past lives and of the tomb wherein their forsaken bodies lie, defended by deadly traps and surrounded by untold riches. Four of these stalwart souls find their way to a valley north and east of the city of Nexus, rediscover the bonds of their ancient brotherhood and determine to join together to recover their forgotten artifacts of power. Soon, they find that even the most Exalted of fellowships can be broken -- one of their Circle has been corrupted by the foul Deathlords and plots to restore her brotherhood beneath a banner of allegiance to the Underworld. Amid the hallowed stones of their own graves, the heroes overcome the blasphemies of necromancy and face their fallen ally in a battle that leaves little doubt that the lords of the Abyss must be turned back before they destroy Creation and descend upon its corpse like vultures.




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The World of Exalted

A brief description of the world of Exalted and how to play as Exalted characters.

The Tomb of Five Corners

The adventure section with ready-made characters.

Exalted Product List

Lists all Exalted books, supplements, products and fiction from 2001-2003. Of note that is listed is the Exalted Character Generator CD-ROM as WW 8898 and for $14.95.

Memorable Quotes


  • Morning Breeze (Zenith Caste) Pgs. 11-12
  • Kade (Dawn Caste) Pgs. 11-12
  • Naria (Night Caste) Pgs. 13-14
  • Rinan (Twilight Caste) Pgs. 13-14
  • Little Shoe (Guide) Pg. 9
  • Barrow Black (Bandit King) Pg. 22
  • The Mistress of Pacts Sealed in Blood (Moonshadow Caste, Corrupted Former Eclipse) Pgs. 22-23



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