A modernized Tomb of an Arisen

Tombs are the retreat places of an Arisen, where they are stored during their death cycle. Not all Arisen possess tombs, but those who do usually have their cult around it, who maintain it and scare away non-believers.


A tomb resonates with the mummies essence, so that if an Arisen meditates in his tomb, he may restore lost Pillars. Tombs are constructed according to geomantic designs, channeling Sekhem into a Lifeweb that is upheld by certain Vessels that the Arisen has been allowed to keep by the Judges. Traps and curses guard the tomb from intruders and only the chosen members of their cult may move around in the tomb without fear of reprisal. Should a would-be-robber enter the tomb and steal something, the Arisen is immediatly awakened, with the primary purpose of catching and neutralizing the intruder.

The Tef-Aabhi are noted to take great care of their tombs, reshaping their interior to fit their Memory and treating them as ongoing artworks.