Tom and Wendy Wood are the parents of Terry Wood.

Overview Edit

The Wood family lives in a nice part of Berkeley, with expensive houses and extensively manicured lawns. Their eight-room house, along with the Mercedes in the driveway and the BMW parked in front, indicates that the family is no in poor financial condition. An aura of Banality hangs over the home like a dark storm cloud waiting to burst. Neither is likely to talk about their son being institutionalized or where.

Tom is an investment banker who spends more time at work than with his family. He thinks his son is normal and likes to talk about how much fun he had doing things with Terry. He can let things slip, though, like “What’s happening right now is for the best,” or “We made the only choice we could for him.” Tom considers himself just, but stern. Terry is his only child and he wants the boy to mature into a responsible adult like himself. He is embarrassed by Terry’s recent outbursts in school but does not wish to show it.

Wendy is more worried about her son’s well-being than her husband is. She is also more concerned about what the neighbors will think should they discover the truth. She wants her son back, but without his hallucinations or the odd stories. She is most likely to tell someone asking about the Denholm Institute.

When Terry was sent to the Institute, Dr. Joseph Chapman gave them a copy of Chimera: Living Within Our Dreams, by Dr. Anton Stark, to help them understand what their son is experiencing.

References Edit

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