Countess Toireasa is a Seelie Sidhe Wilder of House Fiona in the Kingdom of Willows.

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Countess Toireasa, Lady of the Black Dome, rules the County of Balsam from her stronghold on Mount Mitchell. While she spends most of her time within her enchanted campground, she occasionally travels through the region accompanied by her retinue of enchanted mortals and local artists whose works she helps inspire and for whom she derives the Glamour she needs for her continued existence. Local changelings, whether commoners (the majority) or nobles (a rare few) are welcome to attend her court. She has an interest in attractive mortals, whom she will sometimes lure through the use of enchantment and cantrips, into spending some timeless time in her freehold of Black Dome. Later, sometimes after an absence of weeks in the mortal world, the bewildered individual will awaken in a nearby mountain, unaware of how their lost time has been spent except for vague memories of revelry and passion and an intense longing for an ever-elusive sense of lost beauty.

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Toireasa is a tall, willowy woman with reddish-gold hair worn in masses of tiny braids or loose-flowing curls. She can often be found near one of Mt. Mitchell's many panoramic vistas, surrounded by her easel and paints.

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Toireasa is determined to shed the light of art and culture in this picturesque, though provincial, backwater land. The scenery is breathtaking (and she has painted it at all times in all lights) but the people are "sooo" common. At least the mountain air contributes to the physical beauty of the local mortals. She is the picture of charm and gaiety. She laughs, smiles, and does her best to make the people around her feel they are as good as she is. They aren't, but they shouldn't have to suffer because of it.

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