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The Toc Faan is a Cambodian Craft of cannibals and Infernalists with a more complex story than meets the eye.


The modern Toc Faan are closely tied to their patron Malaveyovo, who has taken the ceremonial office of their god-king. The Yama King has a special relation to cannibalism that he shares with his servants and the Toc Faan honor him in annual rites of ritual slaughter and consumption.

Cannibalism has become the core sacrament of the craft. When they once devoured only the liver of a chosen victim, they now feed on the whole corpse. Some even begin to feed on themselves. With their victim's flesh, they also take a part of their good karma into themselves, becoming good persons who learn to distaste the vile rites they are forced to perform.

Toc Faan mastery of Spheres is divided by gender. Males practice Entropy and Life to officiate the rites of death and rebirth, while the females practice Life and Mind and focus on protecting the god-king as bodyguards. Malaveyovo also grants demonic investments that express themselves as Forces effects.


The Toc Faan originate among the Devaraja cults that protected Cambodia's god-kings. As the old faith was supplanted by Buddhism and the god-kings converted, these mages retreated from society and were believed to have vanished.

Some time later, the Toc Faan made a deal with the Yama King Malaveyovo. Transformed into a cannibal cult, their first real contact with the outside world was in the 1970s. The Traditions discovered them among the Khmer Rogue, practicing their dark arts and feeding on those the regime had sentenced to lives of misery.

In secret, the Toc Faan are torn. They know that dealing with demons was a bad idea, but know of no way to release themselves from the pact between them and Malaveyoyo or at least understand the reason for their strange relation to karma.


The Toc Faan are recruited from the dregs of society. Acolytes that are too eager often end as sacrifices, and those that rise in the ranks are often cunning and unpredictable, until their diet and the curse makes them more moral. Officially, they are led by a High Priest, who is often one of the lower ranks, since morality and regular traffic with the servants of a Yama King don't go hand in hand easily. The true power rests within a small circle of mages that are the Craft's elders. Officially, they advise the High Priest, while unofficially, they search for a way to keep their predicament hidden from their patron and reconstruct their old rites, perhaps even finding a way to reverse the deal with the Yama King or the curse of karma.