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Toby is a Nosferatu computer hacker, who secretly works with the Anarch Movement. He lives in Washington, D.C.


Toby was a basement hacker. One of the teens of the late 1980s who set up the best computer system they could buy, borrow, or steal during the end of that decade. Using the money that was suppose to go toward college, Toby built himself one of those 'War Games" computers in an attempt to hack into government agencies.

Unfortunately, Toby was too good. He came to the attention of one of the Nosferatu in his city. Oswald was always looking for new talent for his own uses. So Toby was contacted and was given tasks, various illegal tasks. Toby was entirely too eager to help. He needed money and wanted to put his skills to good use and receive praise from the mysterious and unseen "Mr. Oswald". Toby didn't care how illegal the acts were nor against whom they were aimed. Most of the time, Toby didn't even know whose computer he was breaking into. "Mr. Oswald" said it was better that way. Plausible deniability.

Toby was killed when the Milesian Liberation Army broke down his front door and found him in the basement. They riddled him and his system with bullets and left him to die. Oswald appeared then, embracing the fat kid. Toby didn't take too kindly to his new appearance. Truly believing he had become a monster, he smashed all the mirrors in his house and moved what he could to a warehouse near an open sewer duct.

His new family have been good to him; however, Oswald was coming to believe that they only visited him because he looked ten times worse than they did. The only one who was honest with him was a Brujah that went by the name Honest Abe. It was Abe who pointed him into the direction of the Anarch Movement and Toby has been a faithful follower, in secret.  He knew that if let any of his new "family" know he was working for Abe, they would sell him out in the blink of an eye.

Now, he breaks into government computers for Abe, but more often for Oswald and the even more mysterious Nathan, the head of the Nosferatu in his city. Nathan is never seen and his orders are only carried by messengers. When asked what Nathan looks like, those messengers only shudder. This makes Toby feel better oddly, if only for a little while.