Tobacco is a Totem of the Nunnehi.


Regarded by almost all Native American tribes as one of the most sacred plants, Tobacco's dried leaves were crumbled, then scattered upon holy ground to honor the spirits or else burned in an open fire to send its pungent fumes to the Upper World. Smoked in special pipes, Tobacco's mildly narcotic smoke opened lines of communication between the Upper and Middle Worlds. White settlers who "discovered" and commercialized the use of tobacco as a recreational, habit-forming drug have ignored its spiritual qualities and opened themselves to the dangers of overindulging in its potentially harmful properties. Tobacco shuns those tobacco plants harvested by the cigarette industry, and will usually avoid large fields of commercially grown tobacco.

Traits & Taboo

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Tobacco grants his Nunnehi children Spirit Lore 1 and one additional point of Perception.

Taboo (Ban)

Tobacco requires his children to restrict their tobacco use to ceremonial occasions, honoring its original purpose.


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