The Tismanu, originally known as the Snagovians, are a bloodline of the Mekhet clan of vampires. They are the safekeepers and spiritual confessors of their brethren, seeking to ease their Requiems.

They are primary aligned with the Ordo Dracul.


Originally known as the Snagovians after the monastery of Snagov near Bucharest, the future Tismanu were there when Dracula rose from his grave, cursed by God according to his own admission. Dracula respected the efforts and enlightenment of the Tismanu during his nights as a vampire in Romania. It seems that the Impaler’s appreciation of the clergy did not die with him. Two of the eldest Tismanu in modern Romania claim to have met Dracula, and one supposedly still keeps a letter written by him. When they were first introduced into the Ordo Dracul, they did not much to expand beyond their native Wallachia and most Dragons considered them myths or noble relics. Only in the late 1940s, some Tismanu traveled abroad, seeking to bring knowledge of the history and mysticism of the Ordo Dracul to younger Kindred, who struggled to appreciate such things in the face of a rapid technologically advancing world. Their main strongholds are Prague and Philadelphia, where the Dragon Monks entertain hidden chapels and monasteries for the Ordo.

Tismanu philosophy reflects the beliefs of the Orthodox priests who ministered to the peasants of Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldavia during the Middle Ages. Although many folk remedies exist to combat the spells, hexes and curses of witches and mages across the land, only the holy efforts of the Church are to be trusted. Dragon Monks believe it is their eternal duty to make the Requiems of other Kindred easier, to guide other vampires toward an existence free of turmoil and spiritual strife. Unable to save the world or their own souls, they work to save individual nights from descending into chaos and avoidable evil.


In addition to the Clan weakness of the Mekhet, the Tismanu must seclude themselves from other creatures to meditate upon their own selves and maintain their own resolve. When they fail to do that, they become unsettled, nervous, anxious and skittish.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Mekhet clan

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