Tir-na-N'og is the name of the legendary lands beyond the Europe of the Sundering era, rumored to be free of Banality. What is today known as the Americas. (See Empire of the Turtle, Concordia)



While the Sundering first began in primeval Europe and Near East where the empires of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome led to the system of feudalism and "progress" and "Western Civilization," other parts of the world, especially in the Americas and Australia, did not experience the distancing between the Dreaming and the mortal realm until later. In these lands faeries and humans still lived in harmony, each respecting each others' society, and (usually) interacted peacefully. The Nunnehi of North America often aided the mortals with Glamour in trying times and in turn the humans would offer them their dreams and rituals and even gifted them particularly worthy humans with children born of the Dreaming who would grow to become great leaders and go-betweens of the realms.

Legends of Tir-na-N'og reached the Banality-encroached Fae of Europa and the Caliphate of Cedars and many took to the trods to find the Summerlands untouched by disbelief and Cold Iron. Arriving with peaceful intent, the indigenous fae welcomed them and taught them to harvest Glamour from the land and soon faerie fortresses rose from mountain tops and within virgin forests.

Unfortunately this exodus helped lead to the Shattering.


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