Tinia was a Ventrue methuselah whose line held many of Rome's most prestigious vampires.


It is said that long ago Tinia controlled the Etruscans and was worshiped as a god of the sky. She was one of the first members of her clan to set foot in the soil known on the Italian Peninsula, and assisted in the founding of Rome. Tinia ruled alongside 13 other vampires over the Etruscans until she was deposed by her childe Collat.

It is told that at the peak of her power, she lost the ability to innovate and began stealing concepts from the best mortal minds. After draining her vessels of all independent thought she grew bored, and moved to explore new lands and untouched people.

Rumors of her destruction in Asia Minor have surfaced. However, nothing is known for certain about her ultimate fate.


  • Descendants of Tinia sometimes exhibit her traits, namely her passion for discovery. In exchange, when confronted with something unknown, their hunger for new knowledge often gets the better of them.
  • The historical Tinia, an Etruscan god of the sky, was actually a male figure.


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