There are battles that are waged on the open field, and then there are the battles that are fought behind the lines. Tina Tyler battles for her kind from the most inauspicious of locations: the secretary’s desk. In a quiet, patient manner, Tyler has worked herself up from another temp to the secretary of the vice president of international affairs for Endron International. From her position, Tyler is able to wreak havoc upon her enemies, and keep tabs upon the world of the potential enemies of the Ananasi.

All the messages that move through Endron’s open channels must pass over her desk, and none of them go unnoticed. What’s more, some of them are… modified, calling attention to those that might deserve it. Her time with Pentex has slowly planted the seeds of spiritual corruption in her, but for now she remains loyal to her people and to her queen. The werewolves she works against have been searching for Tyler for years, still not knowing who it is that has gifted the higher-ups of Endron with secret information, and she has eluded them at every turn.

No one knows what started this personal war with the Garou, but everyone acknowledges that it is a self-perpetuating cycle. None have ever discovered Tyler’s identity; the werewolves keep thinking that it must be a person in a position of power that is causing their problems, and that is exactly what Ms. Tyler wants them to think. Tyler is a small woman, barely over five feet tall. She has pale skin and dark hair, and always dresses in a very professional manner. If you were to meet her, you would barely realize it; she keeps such a low profile that she is almost unnoticeable.


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