Timofiev was a Cardinal of the Sabbat and "one of the great rebels and diablerists" of the sect.


My will clothes me.
  — Timofiev

Timofiev was the Cardinal who appointed Andrew Emory as a bishop and tasked him to hunt and capture Lucita. He was also Lucita's judge alongside Mysancta, Menuven, Zarathustra, and Elieser de Polanco.

The Cardinal is well versed in alchemical symbolism and, some say, has even develop his own arcane discipline that made his eyes glow.


Timofiev is described as a dour little man, who seemed perfectly content to slouch around in just anything at all, from hermit's cloak to castoffs taken from last night's prey. He lacked all sense of style, but had unshakable confidence in his power of manipulation. Timofiev spoke with a deep basso rumble that did not match his frame. His shadow form had hawklike head and talons.


Timofiev is surname of slavic origin.


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