Time of Tumult is an adventure book for Exalted First Edition.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
In a World of Savage Adventure
The Solar Exalted have returned to a world of turmoil and war. A great empire teeters on the edge of ruin. Vast fortunes and great power await those who are able reap the whirlwind. Death awaits those who cannot.
It Is the Dawn of the Age of Sorrows
Taking characters from the farthest North to the uttermost East, from the slums of Nexus to the hidden reaches of Elsewhere, Time of Tumult offers four adventures full of spirits, death knights, First Age wonders and the terrible secret of the exiled Primordial Autochton.



Expedition to the Invisible Fortress

The discovery of a cache of First Age artifacts in the distant north leads the characters on a long trek into the wilderness.

Guardians of the Invisible Fortress

The characters find the source of the artifacts, but must face down a maddened Solar Exalted.

Spirit Exiles of the Western Ocean

The characters are asked by Fakharu, a lesser elemental dragon of water, to rescue his kidnapped lover.

Crusaders of the Machine God

The characters face an incursion from Autochthonia, raiding into Creation to claim its resources.

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