The Time of Atrocities was a period during the Age of Wrath when three of the Legions of the Fallen broke with Lucifer and pursued their own agendas.

After the First Murder by Caine, a new darkness appeared in Creation. The Ebon Legion, lead by Abbadon, slaughtered the loyalist humans in the city of Sargun and laid the city to waste. Lucifer chastised Abbadon for such violence, but he countered that humans were not so perfect as the Fallen once believed, and thus were not worthy of protection. The Silver Legion, led by Asmodeus, and the Alabaster Legion led by Azrael, joined Abbadon's side, and these three legions left Lucifer's leadership to pursue their own agendas.

The Ebon Legion waged total war on the Hosts of Heaven, slaughtering or enslaving humans in mass numbers and leaving behind pestilence and starvation in their wake. They were equaled in their brutality by the malhim, a new class of savage angels who were unafraid to kill. When not at war, the Ebon Legion forced mortals to engage in blood sports for their entertainment.

Meanwhile, the Silver Legion engaged in horrific experimentation and research on mortal victims in a bid to understand how to defeat the forces of Heaven. Some humans were grafted into machinery, while others were forced in experimental breeding programs or worse.

The Alabaster Legion did not abuse mortals, but rather sought to built a hiding place for mortal souls to protect them from whatever the angels of Heaven were doing to them after death. This fortress, Kâsdejâ, was the original City of the Dead, but after it was attacked by the Hosts the Legion began moving the dead to Haven, a different plane which would eventually become the Underworld.

Lucifer brought the Time of Atrocities to an end once the Heavenly Hosts had been pushed back as far as possible. He led the Crimson and Iron Legions against the three rebels and forced them back into his service.

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