The Time-Motion Managers, often called TM Managers for short, are a Methodology of Iteration X focused on coordinating the efforts.

Their focus are the Spheres of Matter and Forces.


The Time-Motion Engineers claim a past that stretches back to the great craftsmen and builders of great civilizations. Some credit them with the spread of mechanized time measurements. As the Order of Reason reorganized itself, the forerunners of the TM Managers supported the growth of technology and how it was inserted into human life.

Their most infamous boom was during the Industrial Revolution. Using the factory systems pioneered by Arkwright and new management techniques that relied on paperwork instead personal command, the TM Managers built great factories for their constructions, often to the detriment of the workers. After the assembly-line was developed, the process of dehumanization continued, culminating in the replacement of human workers with more efficient robots. The methodology has acknowledged that these methods were abusive and no longer continues them, at least officially.

With the creation of the Macrotechnicians in 2000, the Time-Motion Managers have reorganized themselves again. They now focus on computer sciences, to counter and fill the niche of the Virtual Adepts, and pure management techniques. Multiple high ranking members were trapped in satellite realms when the Dimensional Anomaly hit and the methodology has to focus on working in the field.


The most important thing for the work of the Time-Motion Managers is efficiency. They eschew such things as uncontrolled innovation in exchange for discipline, seeing it as the most efficient way to raise the technological level of humanity. Quantum leaps are in most cases already planned and accounted for. As a result, the TM Managers fund recycling, seeking to preserve as much of Earth's resources as possible for later colonization of worlds beyond the Gauntlet.

The TM Managers are vital to the Union as a whole, since they are the ones who produce most of the devices and gadgets that other agents use. Their products are not as individualized as the ones from the Sons of Ether and the Virtual Adepts, but make up what they lack in innovation with high numbers. Critics claim that the TM Managers foster an atmosphere of dependency among the Masses by building their machines unnecessarily complex, so that no one can repair them but specialized experts. Managers often work with other Conventions, lending their outstanding organization talents for projects outside of their purview.


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