The Tiger Lands are a Yang Realm within the Eastern Umbra that acts as a refugee for the spirits of threatened animals and spirits who have lost their homes following human clearcuttings. The realm is threatened by the high deforestation and industrialization of the East, which produces Banes that assault the realm.

The Tiger Lands contain vast tracts of wilds. All of the environments of the East are represented. Great mountain peaks, vast river valleys, deep jungles, and mysterious river deltas are all found in this realm. Nowhere is there a trace of plow or rail or any of the things of humans. While tigers have become sadly one of the most numerous inhabitants of the Tiger Lands, elephants, pandas and similar animals also hold court here, celebrating the Emerald Mother and telling of Ages yet to come.

Each of the animal species has a palace and a spirit court in the Tiger Lands. The Princes and Princesses of the Tiger Lands hold the Dragon spirits of the Umbra in reverence, and both Dragon Lords and Yama Kings have been known to take brides and husbands from their ranks. The only shen that are welcomed in the Tiger Lands are the Hengeyokai, any other visitor will be ejected or outright destroyed.


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