Thurston Winters was a Nocker and co-founder of The Fool's Gambit Freehold.

Overview Edit

Thurston's story before the early 1830's is unknown. He enters the annals of history when the Eshu, Patrick Drey, met him and shared his vision of turning the Liberty Tree Tavern into a freehold. Thurston shared Patrick's vision and joined him in procuring the money to buy the property, spreading tales of the "haunting" of the building, and even helping create the "ghost sightings" that drove away the regulars and convinced the owner to sell the property.

Once the balefire was lit in the structure, it was Thurston who carved the hearth. It took him five years to complete but the freehold celebrated its official "opening" in 1839.

Thurston, like Patrick, wanted the freehold to be open to all Kithain, no matter their Court, and all fae, Seelie and Unseelie were invited to warm themselves by Thurston's Hearth.

References Edit

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