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The Threshold is the area between the shores of the Blessed Isle and the elemental poles. In general meaning, it refers to those territories on the shores of the Inland Sea: too barbarous for the Realm to govern directly, but civilized enough to pay it tribute. At one point, nearly all these states were tributaries or satrapies of the Realm and at least paid lip service to the Immaculate Order. In the five years since the Scarlet Empress disappeared, however, many have made more or less overt bids for independence.[1][2]

Most of the Threshold uses silver-based currency, most commonly the silver dinar. However, in the West, red cowrie shells are also used as currency.[3]

The Threshold is usually broken up into five sections: the directions of the four elemental poles, and the Scavenger Lands (which are part of the East but distinct form it. Notable locations in the Threshold include:

  • Scavenger Lands: Lookshy, Thorns, Great Forks, Nexus, Sijan, Greyfalls, The Hundred Kingdoms
  • East: Halta, Linowan, Chaya, Mount Metagalapa, Kamthahar, Rathess
  • South: Chiaroscuro, Gem, The Lap, Paragon, the Varang City-States, Harborhead, An-Teng
  • West: Bluehaven, Wavecrest Archipelago, Coral Archipelago, Skullstone Archipelago, Denzik City-Ship, The Neck
  • North: Whitewall, Gethamane, the Haslanti League, Shanarinara, the Deshan states


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