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Three Pillars is a supplement published for the historical World of Darkness scenario, Vampire: The Dark Ages. It explores the pillars of Europe's Dark Medieval society – the nobility, the clergy, and the peasantry – and how they have been adapted and corrupted by Cainites. Additional focus is given to the various powers in Italy, Europe's most dynamic region at the time.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Lords and ladies, abbots and nuns, serfs and guildsman – the foundations of Dark Medieval society rests upon feudal obligation. Each denizen owes his superiors fealty and his inferiors duty. How, then, do Cainites reconcile this temporal hierarchy with their own society of the Long Night?
Three Pillars examines the three branches of Dark Medieval society, from the duke in his manor to the peon in the field. This book includes a myriad of story ideas, as well as a comprehensive resource for the nature of the world itself. Three Pillars presents the Dark Medieval world from the perspective of both mortals and vampires, to give the broadest spectrum of utility to Vampire: The Dark Ages players and Storytellers.
  • A comprehensive resource on mortal and Cainite society in the Dark Medieval world;
  • Hints and tips for integrating vampires into the feudal hierarchy;
  • A look at each individual tier of Dark Medieval life and unlife – the peasantry, clergy and nobility, as well as extensive background on anomalous Italy.


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