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Threat Null (T0), originally referred to as Emerging Threats Capable of Nullifying Enlightened Procedures (ETCNEP), are a new threat to the world that has arisen behind the Horizon after the rise of the Dimensional Anomaly (what Reality Deviants call the "Avatar Storm"). The Void Engineers focus most of their efforts to stop them, all the while desperately trying to keep their mere existence a secret from the rest of the Conventions.


The Void Engineers, knowing that their sister Conventions do not share their knowledge of Dimensional Science, claim that Threat Null is a new breed of Reality Deviant that has surfaced since the Dimensional Anomaly occurred. Little is known about them, except that they have found ways to counter Enlightened Science and that their designs for the Consensus are most likely harmful. The other Conventions grumble, but accept that the Void Engineers know more about such things than they do.

The truth behind the matter is that the entities that comprise Threat Null claim to be part of the Technocratic Union. To the horror of the first Voidships that had managed to breach the storm, the higher ranks of the Union that had been in personal Horizon Realms when the Dimensional Anomaly began had been twisted and perverted by Void Adaption, turning them into half-spiritual creatures themselves. They now seek to inflict their particular ideals of "perfection" upon the Consensus, in a horrible mockery of the Union's original goal. Threat Null is still capable of activating and harnessing the Social Conditioning that every Technocrat undergoes when they join the Union. For this reason, the Void Engineers that fight Threat Null have found a way to un-condition themselves, but fear what harm even one Threat Null member might cause when they reach Earth. Threat Null seemingly operates under orders from Control, or an entity posing as Control, that classifies those left on Earth as "rogue agents".

To date, the Void Engineers have found four groups that corresponded to four Conventions:

  • Autopolitans, a mockery of Iteration X, the Autopolitans act as servants for the Computer on Autochthonia, their physical forms transformed into a perfect blend of organic and artificial natures
  • Agents, a mockery of the N.W.O, the Agents infiltrate any organization or hierarchy and bring it down from within in accordance to a contractor they refer to as the "Agency"
  • Transhumanity, parodies of the Progenitors, Transhumanity offers biological perfection in exchange for becoming part of a singular Hive-mind
  • Residents, corruptions of the Syndicate, that insert themselves into spiritual courts and lead them into "bush wars" against each other

That leaves a question open. Where are the counterparts of the Void Engineers? Most in the Convention hope that their counterparts eventually wandered off into the Deep Universe or that their Masters were powerful enough to escape Void Adaption. Others simply hope to never see these creatures.