Thrand was a 6th generation Viking Ventrue active during the Dark Ages.


Thrand was a Danish warlord Embraced by Julian Cerialis who wanted to use his men as tools to retake the city of York for himself. However, the upstart Ventrue einherjar turned on his sire and seized the reigns of power, expelling Julian to the south of England and instating his newly created childe Katla as his seneschal.

For over a century, he ruled as Prince of York (which under Viking control was known as Jorvik), but his sire's machinations proved to be too much for Thrand, and as the political tide turned, the strife among Kindred and kine was unforgiving. In 965, he and his childe Katla were forced out of York by an alliance of Brujah and Toreador.

The subsequent decades saw fierce conflicts as sire and childe tried to wrestle control of the city, but he lost his seneschal Katla's support in 980, when she was forced into torpor. Some time after that, both Thrand and Julian Cerialis faced their Final Deaths.


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