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The Contract of Thorns and Brambles is a War Contract among the Lost that is universally accessible for Changelings of all Seemings.

The connection between the Hedge and the Contracts of Thorns and Brambles remains a mystery to most of the Lost. The Contract grants no additional ability to a changeling to manipulate the Hedge, instead granting them power over hedges and thorns of the mortal world. Yet some of the Contracts seem to function better in the Hedge than they do elsewhere. This dichotomy leads some savants among the changelings to suspect that the Contracts of Thorns and Brambles may have originated as some Faustian bargain between the Contracts' creator and the Hedge itself. 


  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.png Bite of the Wooden Fang - An enemy struck by the changeling's weapon empowered by this Contract is slashed and bitten by dozen of thorns that rise invisibly at the instant of contact. Made of blunt wood, vine, or other plant matter, the weapon must inflict bashing damage for this Contract to take effect. 
  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.png Leechweed - This clause empowers an area of hedge growth or brambles, causing it to drain Glamour from those bitten by its thorns. This contract can be used in the material world as well as the Hedge, although in the Hedge it can only be used to manipulate growth created by way of the other clauses of this Contract: it cannot alter the Hedge walls in any way. 
  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.png Briarpath - When the Changeling litters a handful of Hedge thorns behind him, he can force enchanted brambles to block the way after him.
  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu bullet.png Shield of Thorns - The changeling learns to summon forth brambles by shedding his own blood on an area, creating an almost impenetrable defensive barrier that lashes at any enemy who comes near. The field of briars does not move with the character.
  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.png Hedge Wall - By transplanting a small hedge bush from a rural locale to an outside location where the Contract is to be used, the Changeling can call forth a series of massive fortifications of hedges and brambles with a bellowing howl. This Contract allows a huge amount of control over the growth of the hedge walls, with but a few constraints.


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