The Thorn Prince is a True Fae known for taking Ogre changelings.


A vow is more precious than gold and when the Gentry fail their word, the great iron bells of Thorns ring. None can forget the noise, none can escape it and, it's said, none ever defy the Thorn Prince and his justice. So they say... and what fool believes any truth in Arcadia?

Ruling a domain in Arcadia known as the Thorns Hold, the Thorn Prince serves as the hammer that strikes at oathbreakers. To serve this purpose, the Prince raises hounds that hunt by the scent of broken oaths and keeps a stable of Ogre changelings to act as soldiers: Stonebones, Gargantuans, and Gristlegrinders for shock troops, Farwalkers to hunt those who attempt to flee by land, and Water-Dwellers to seek out those who try to hide beneath the waters.

The Thorn Prince himself hunts down mortal oathbreakers to fill his stables, twisting those he captures into his tools. Even those who escape the Thorns Hold find their flesh forever marked by the twisting thorn sigil of the Prince's iron manacles.

As it is said that the Prince's arms and armor are born of the Contracts that created the barrier between Arcadia and the mortal world; as such, he and those in his service know the Hedge well. Those he enslaves will likely find fleeing to be much easier than other changelings. However, those attempting to make their hollows near his realm are at high risk of discovery and recapture, as the Thorn Prince hunts the paths often.


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