Thomas the Rat was a Nosferatu spymaster in medieval London.


Orphaned by the age of six on the streets of London, Thomas learned quickly how to survive, becoming the errand boy of the powerful and finding scret passages that the adults could not use, earning him the monicker "the Rat". He was perhaps eight years old when he saw the twisted man for the first time, marveling that an adult could be so stealthy. Thereafter he saw the figure at various points around London, only to come under observation in return. Eventually, the man spoke to Thomas, offering him food scraps in exchange for his observations. The relationship proved to be fruitful for both and when Thomas came of age, the man offered him his blood in return, turning him into his Ghoul. As anarchy wracked England, Thomas learned of the war raging behind the scenes between an ancient vampire lord and Norman usurpers. His domitor sided with Mithras and once the Ventrue had secured his position, he offered him one gift. The Nosferatu asked for the permission to give Thomas the Embrace and Mithras granted it to him. Lacking his sire’s social graces and desire to move among the city’s upper echelons (or his haughty manners), Thomas maintained his connections to the guttersnipes and lowlifes of the docks, serving as the eyes of his sire in the underdocks.

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