Thomas de Cherbourg, is a spymaster of the french Tremere , based in  Normandy.  He is an important member of the Échiquier de Rouen which control the major city of Rouen .


As far as he could remembered, this little noble, from distant Silver Fang ancestors, has always had the heart splitted between his desire for freedom and his desire to fight for a noble cause.

Of a rare political intelligence, he was quickly spotted by a newcomer on the Norman's chessboard: the Ventrue Roald Yeux de Serpent of the Triumvirate, of whom he became the ghoul. However, by mysterious ways, Thomas ended being dominated, manipulated and even perhaps blood bonded to the mighty Mithras who used him as a spy on his master.

However everything changed during a meeting with an other vampire, a Tremere, Maître Benoît, brought to the ghoul through visions obtained thanks to the "cordes éthériques" ( Etherical strings in english ) .

Opening his heart, Master Benoît then explained to the ghoul the mission that was his. Transported by the sincere stories , full of common sense of the tremere, Thomas accepted the embrace.

Adapting quickly to his new condition , Thomas used his talents to create a network of information and influence worthy to serve the clan in Normandie , pitting the different factions against each other, always in a roundabout way and for the greatest profit and the tranquility of the Tremere Clan.

Unfortunately, it all became more difficult with the arrival of Goratrix. Who from then never stopped snubbing Master Benoît, demanding a more aggressive policy for the clan in Normandy. Thomas de Cherbourg came to harbor a secret enmity towards the powerful but not very subtle Regent of Paris.

The highlight came with the capture ofthe fortress of Château-Gaillard in 1204, where Goratrix saw an opportunity and forced Thomas to diablerize the Baron Aethelbert , the representative of Mithras in Normandy. Disgusted by the horrible crime he had just committed,Thomas decided to leave for the south of France, ashamed to see the look from his mentor Benoît.

He therefore accompanied the Albigensian Crusade, organizing the tremere forces in it. But he came to be supervised by Goratrix again , who intended to use the crusade to plunder the treasures of the Pyrenees and shoot down his opponents, Mages and Salubrians. Forced to commit other atrocities under the orders of the mighty regent ,Thomas voluntarily surrendered to the allies of Esclarmonde la Noire to escape the influence of Goratrix.

From his prison, hostage of prestige, he came to fall under the charisma of the Queen of Toulouse. He became a diligent counselor, secretly defending the interests of Esclarmonde. From the fortress of Foix, he came to befriend Themistocles, the brujah scholar, and when he did not dedicate his nights to organize secret negotiations with Éon de l'Étoile, then leader of the crusade, he then spent long moments talking about morality with the old Brujah.

Thomas finally decided to return to Normandie , keeping nevertheless contact with Esclarmonde and Thémistocles. Changed, he was warmly welcomed by Master Benoît , delighted that his infant has finally passed from devoted servant to true peer and friend.

Between his secret support for Esclarmonde (for which he try to create a way out without the knowledge of the one who revived passion in his heart), his study of Cainite Paths and the reconstruction of its spy network in profit tothe Tremeres, Thomas de Cherbourg is a particularly busy vampire.

Goratrix, meanwhile, is fully aware of the betrayal of his former pawn and seeks to discreetly eliminate him. A completely reciprocal situation, Thomas knowing that his non-life hangs by a thread and the protection of his sire, strongly appreciated by LeDuc (of which he is the child), member of the council of seven and former regent of Paris. Looking for allies among his clan, he quickly maintains correspondence with Etrius and Meerlinda , informing them of Goratrix's actions in order to discredit him and benefit from their tacit support.

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