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Thin-Blood Alchemy is a thin-blood-exclusive Discipline introduced in Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition.

Basic Mechanics

Thin-Blood Alchemy is a two step practice: distillation of a blood concoction using the proper formula, then activation of said brew by drinking it and channeling its power.

All formulae need the alchemist's blood, mortal blood of the right blood resonance, and additional ingredients varying by formula and distillation method.

There are three different methods for distilling a formula, each using a variation on the alchemist athanor (alchemical furnace) of old:

  • Athanor Corporis: The alchemist uses their own body as an athanor, and has to ingest the requisite resonant blood to distill a given formula, allowing them to perform said distillation anywhere, though their distillation capabilities are limited as a result.
  • Calcinatio: The alchemist uses a mortal victim's body as an athanor, regulating their biophysical state through emotional pressure or verbal incantations, then feeds the mortal their vitae, and is able to tap their blood for the formula as long the mortal remains in the same emotional state, and survives the injurious process of having their blood tapped.
  • Fixatio: The alchemist uses something like an actual alchemist athanor (though often a makeshift one at that) to brew their formulae, requiring inert, usually rare ingredients in addition to the base needs of their own vitae and resonant blood, though in exchange gives the alchemist the opportunity to pour the stable, brewed formulae into bottles and carry it with them.


Thin Blood Alchemy differs from usual disciplines, in that it does not provide powers, only Formulae, one of which is learned when purchasing a level, while additional formulae may be learned with experience.

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    • Far Reach: Lesser telekinesis[F1 1]
    • Gaoler's Bane: Allows the vampire to contort their body, allowing them to escape from most physical restraints[F1 2]
    • Haze: Creates a field of mist[F1 1]
    • Portable Shade: Creates a sunscreen that allows the user to endure the sun, for a certain time[F1 3]
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    • Counterfeit: User can develop formulae to counterfeit level 1 Disciplines[F2 1]
    • Envelop: Blinds a target through mist[F1 3]
    • Red's Flamin' Hot Sauce: Creates flammable blood, akin to Greek fire.[F2 2]
    • Blood of Mandagloire: Can taint the herd of a vampire, and put them to sleep for a brief period.[F2 3]
    • Mirror of Trust: Causes vampires to trust the alchemist when imbibed.[F2 3]
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    • Counterfeit: User can develop formulae to counterfeit level 2 Disciplines[F3 1]
    • Defractionate: Makes fresh blood out of bagged medical blood[F3 1]
    • Profane Hieros Gamos: User can change their gender or appearance[F3 1]
    • Concoct Ashe: Concoct the substance Ashe, which can temporarily increase the Blood Potency of a thin-blooded vampire, but can create addiction[F3 2]
    • Chemically Induced Flashback: By melting down a deceased vampire's possessions, the alchemist can gain access to the vampire's memories through Ashe Prerequisite: Concoct Ashe[F3 2]
    • On-Demand Sunburn: Allows the user to trap and store sunlight in their body, and unleash it on their target when touching them.[F3 3]
    • Stay the Falling Sand: Allows the user to stop time, in a small localized area[F3 4]
    • Fang-Stinger: Causes pain to vampires who feed on the mortal.[F3 5]
    • Freezer Fluid: Makes vampires lethargic.[F3 5]
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    • Counterfeit: User can develop formulae to counterfeit level 3 Disciplines [F4 1]
    • Airborne Momentum: User can fly.[F4 1]
    • Discipline Channeling: Through Ashe, the thin-blood can gain access to one of the deceased vampire's disciplines, even though it is too high for the standard counterfeit disciplines Prerequisite: Concoct Ashe.[F4 2]
    • Hollow Leg: Creates poison that once imbibed by the victim, they cannot slake their Hunger for one night.[F4 3]
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    • Counterfeit: User can develop formulae to counterfeit level 4 Disciplines[F5 1]
    • Awaken the Sleeper: User can awake other vampires from torpor.[F5 1]


Level 1 Formulae

Level 2 Formulae

Level 3 Formulae

Level 4 Formulae

Level 5 Formulae

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