The first thing any self-respecting Legionnaire learns is how to protect himself. By drawing in ambient heat, the psion can shield himself from the worst effects of exposure, cold damage or even from cryokinetic attacks. This effect can make the psion’s immediate surroundings even colder as the psychokinetic absorbs more and more heat energy.


Spend a Psi point and roll; each success adds one point to your character’s soak against both Bashing and Lethal cold effects. The screen lasts For the rest of the scene. At 4 Cryokinesis, the Thermal Screen may be extended around your character a number of meters in radius equal to half his Psi score (rounded up).

While this power is in effect, your character’s infra-red register increases drastically since he’s gathering heat around himself (anyone with IR-sensing equipment who monitors your character’s position gets one automatic success to pick up his signature).

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