Therese Voerman is a Malkavian with a split personality that is the Baron of Santa Monica and owner of The Asylum nightclub.


Once, I was pursuing activities out in the City of Angels. I met such a beauty. Despite my age, she was attracted to me! I never saw one so vivacious, yet such delicate depths, my lad. Such delicate depths. She called me “daddy”. She’s Baron of Santa Monica, now. Such a delight. Esau had to go and ruin it by Embracing her sister.
  — Jacob

Although Therese is a Malkavian, she dresses and acts like a Ventrue; as her sister Jeanette Voerman states, '"She won't even feed unless it's poured into a glass"'. Therese is loyal to the Camarilla, as referenced by Jeanette when talking about the Gallery Noir.

Therese has a dispute with Bertram Tung, making him difficult to find as he is in a self-exile because he is 'hiding' from Therese. At first, she is apparently displeased by the main character's presence in her city. But eventually Therese says that she will call off her hunt if the main character dislodges a ghost from the Ocean House Hotel.


A ghostly bauble must be retrieved from Ocean House Hotel to draw out a malevolent haunt.

In order for Therese to renounce her feud with Tung you must travel to the local diner and relay a message of peace to Jeanette.


  • Therese Voerman is master to the insufferable ghoul Vandal Cleaver (head of the S.M.M.C. blood bank).
  • Therese's name probably comes from "Millicent and Therese," the second story of the 1975 horror film Trilogy of Terror. Karen Black portrays two sisters: Millicent, a repressed brunette, and Therese, a seductive blonde. Millicent endeavors to kill Therese and succeeds, but both sisters end up dead, as they were both alternate personalities of the same person. Therese had slept with her father and killed her mother, and Millicent was a personality constructed to cope with the horror of her actions. Her father's recent death had triggered the murder attempt as a form of suicide. While the Therese of this story does more closely resemble Bloodlines Jeanette, it does support the idea that Therese was the sisters' original personality.
  • It is believed that of the two sisters, Therese was the original and primary personality, her alternate persona "Jeanette" having been created as an means to deal with the long-reaching consequences of the sexual abuse Therese's father inflicted on her when she was a child. An attempt is implied to have been made to cure her of her Dissociative Identity Disorder in the past, but Therese makes references to Embracing her alternate persona in order to include her in Kindred life as well (though Therese has a fervently puritanical attitude towards sex, she insists that her father did nothing wrong, while hard-partying Jeanette acknowledges the abuse and its depravity. However, it is possible that none of these scenarios ever occurred, and that they are merely the delusions of the Malkavian condition. Or Jeanette was real, and  might have been killed by Therese when she killed the father as well.
  • In the book Beckett's Jyhad Diary, it is heavily implied that Jacob/Esau -- another Malkavian with multiple personalities -- is the sire of Therese/Jeanette Voerman. Jacob claims that he Embraced one sister while Esau Embraced the other, while Therese implies that she Embraced her own sister.[1]


Since its revival, Chicago’s Succubus Club has had only one rival for nightclub of the dead: The Asylum in Los Angeles. The Voerman sisters run the joint, or joints, as the Asylum franchise now appears in regnae across America, Asia, and Europe.

Famous for both their enterprising natures and combative personalities, the Voermans loathe each other despite their success. In L.A., to “do a Voerman” is to make a member of your own coterie a sworn enemy. Therese and Jeanette now run separate Asylums, one in Santa Monica, another in Hollywood. They never appear in the same club.

Only the Malkavians closest to the Voermans know Therese and Jeanette is the same vampire: two distinct personalities sharing the same body. Some say she bore this condition as a mortal, while others claim there were two sisters, but one killed the other.

Other rumors whisper about another sister, who acts as an imprisoned thrall to the Malkavian. Highly volatile, the Voermans prove that Malkavians can be as inspired and prosperous as any Toreador or Ventrue, but many Anarchs anticipate the moment that Therese and Jeanette go to war with each other.


o     Asylum Membership: You never need to wait in a queue for entry to the Asylum, you always have one of the best seats in the house, and as long as you don’t fuck up, you may hunt there once or twice per session (Difficulty 2) without any ruffled feathers.

oo    Performing Monkey: Jeanette and Therese know you as a reliable asset, and they frequently subject you to missions ranging from serious investigations to flights of insane fancy. Although dangerous, they are generous, and they repay any boons incurred.

ooo   Jeanette’s Favorite: Jeanette Voerman, the wild child of the Voerman family, adores you, pets you, and flirts with you. Though she arguably is the less stable of the sisters, she’s also the more generous one. You may stay in the day chamber of any Asylum club if you require (if Jeanette is there, she insists you do), use the club to host your own parties, and ask for favors small and large from the Anarch Baron. Jeanette counts as a four-dot Mawla, but only for the purposes of Malkavian and Anarch dealings.

oooo  Therese’s Favorite: Therese Voerman, the upright, strict member of the Voerman family, respects and values you. Her business-oriented mind does not allow her to expend the Asylum’s resources on your luxury, but she speaks up for you in any regnum where an Asylum is present, and can school you in business and finance if you require it. She counts as a three-dot Mawla.

ooooo Asylum Operator: Jeanette or Therese permit you to franchise an Asylum club in your domain. As long as the club remains open, you have four dots to spend on Haven, Herd, Resources, or the Chasse of your Domain; depending on your club’s focus, which may be changed over time. Whether the club is an Elysium is up to you.



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