Therese Voerman, also known as Jeanette Voerman, is a Malkavian with split personality that is the Baron of Santa Monica and owner of The Asylum nightclub.


Although Therese is a Malkavian, she dresses and acts like a Ventrue; as her "sister" Jeanette Voerman states, '"She won't even feed unless it's poured into a glass"'. Therese is loyal to the Camarilla, as referenced by Jeanette when talking about the Gallery Noir.

Therese has a dispute with Bertram Tung, making him difficult to find as he is in a self-exile because he is 'hiding' from Therese. At first, she is apparently displeased by the main character's presence in her city. But eventually Therese says that she will call off her hunt if the main character dislodges a ghost from the Ocean House Hotel.


A ghostly bauble must be retrieved from Ocean House Hotel to draw out a malevolent haunt.

In order for Therese to renounce her feud with Tung you must travel to the local diner and relay a message of peace to Jeanette.


  • Therese Voerman is master to the insufferable ghoul Vandal (head of the S.M.M.C. blood bank).
  • It is believed that of the two sisters, Therese was the original and primary personality, her alternate persona "Jeanette" having been created as an means to deal with the long-reaching consequences of the sexual abuse Therese's father inflicted on her when she was a child. An attempt is implied to have been made to cure her of her Dissociative Identity Disorder in the past, but Therese makes references to Embracing her alternate persona in order to include her in Kindred life as well (though Therese has a fervently puritanical attitude towards sex, she insists that her father did nothing wrong, while hard-partying Jeanette acknowledges the abuse and its depravity. However, it is possible that none of these scenarios ever occurred, and that they are merely the delusions of the Malkavian condition. Or Jeanette was real, and  might have been killed by Therese when she killed the father as well.



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