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Werewolf: The Wild West Companion is a supplement for the Werewolf: The Wild West game, detailing some features not found in the corebook. Included is information on mass combat, new character creation traits, and information on the lost Bunyip.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Choose Your Friends Wisely
In the Savage West, everybody's got a grievance, and everyone's totin' iron -- or silver -- and we don't mean coins! Know who's watchin' your back, 'cause we're talking life and death here: day-to-day life on the frontier and ways you can avoid day-to-day death there. All sorts, from sodbusters to Sioux warriors, from Silent Striders to Iron Riders, can use the wisdom we'll be sharin', so give heed.


A summary of the book.

Chapter One: The Savage West

What it's like to be a pioneer on the frontier, as told by Laughing Manyskins. Also, there is information on each of the factions inhabiting the west, as well as the Fera of the west, and details on each region of the United States.

Chapter Two: The Storm Umbra

How to (and how not to) travel through the Umbra.

Chapter Three: The Fleshed-Out Character

Merits and Flaws for Wild West characters, new Gift (WTA)s, optional tribal weaknesses, and new Archetypes.

Chapter Four: The Well-Armed Storyteller

Creatures and situations to appear in chronicles. Included are Los Fieros and Los Diestros, as well as more mortal and natural adversaries, and rules for mass combat.

Chapter Five: The Wanderers of Other Trails

Sections on the miscellaneous few of the era who may be encountered (and possibly created as a character) in the Wild West, including the Bunyip, the Ananasi, the Gurahl, and the Qualmi, as well additional villains such as the Cascara and Los Infelizos.

Background Information

Memorable Quotes



Airt, Ananasi, Bunyip, Bastet, Camazotz, Corax, Dead-Eye, Gaia's Embrace, Gurahl, Nuwisha, Ratkin, Mokole, Moon bridge, Moon path, Nagah, Pattern Web, Qualmi, Rokea, Spirit gate, Storm track, Weather-spirit, Wyldstorm, Wyrm Tunnel

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