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The Ventrue Chronicle is a three-part chronicle that spans the time periods of Dark Ages: Vampire, Victorian Age: Vampire, and Vampire: The Masquerade. The chronicle focuses on the Ventrue clan, and on the effects of time and power on the Kindred psyche.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Clan of Rulership
The Ventrue – manipulators of mortals and leaders of Kindred. Yet the Ventrue's powerful façade hides myriad internal struggles, petty rivalries and epoch-spanning vendettas. From the Dark Ages to the Victorian Age to the modern world, the Ventrue power gambit plays out nightly. The Ventrue Chronicle focuses on the trials and tribulations of a single clan. This book pits the players' characters against elders, ancillae and even neonates in a centuries-long bid for power no less grand than one would expect of the Blue bloods.
The Ventrue Chronicle include:
  • Three stories in one volume, each set in a different Vampire era
  • A complete chronicle that can be played in entirety or in its parts
  • A unique opportunity to play the sires and childer of the same bloodlines, spanning generations



Act 1: Tempestuous Hearts

Act 2: Fortunes Abroad

Act 3: Southern Nights

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Act 1 - York during the Dark Medieval
Act 2 - New York City during the Gothic Victorian
Act 3 - Savannah, Georgia during the Final Nights
  • Penelope Huxley, Prince of Savannah
  • Jane Sims, Sabbat Warlord
  • Marcus Williams, the Businessman
  • Lillian, Border Guard
  • Tarrence Moore, the Survivor
  • Daniel Parker, Rival to the Throne



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