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VTMPG 2nd Ed
Written by: Andrew Greenberg, Daniel Greenberg, Mark Rein•Hagen, Graeme Davis, Bill Bridges, Ryk Strong, Teeuwyn, Robert Hatch, Steve Brown, J. Morrison, Frank Frey, Aaron Voss, Travis Williams, Josh Timbrook, Dustin Browder, Steve Crow, Sam Chupp, William Spencer-Hale, Lyndi Hathaway, Stewart Wieck
Developed by: Andrew Greenberg
Edited by: Robert Hatch
Art Director: Richard Thomas
Layout & Typesetting: Sam Chupp
Art: Jesper Myrfors, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, E. Allen Smith, Robert MacNeil, Larry Snelly, Ken Meyer, Jr., John Bridges, Steve Casper, Tim Bradstreet
Front Cover: Clyde Caldwell
Back Cover: Chris McDonough
Special Thanks To:

Mark "Headman" Rein•Hagen, for whatever it is he has on his head today.
Stewart "Team #12" Wieck, for sending more and more victims to the Blood Pit.
Andrew "Hack, Hack, Hack" Greenberg, for what he had to do to get this book done.
Ken "Custody" Cliffe, for earning $20 (and a headache) the legal way.
Josh "Deluge" Timbrook, for going to the Pablo Picasso school of cranking out the hits.
Wes "By Northwes" Harris, for doing the company swing of the Pacific Northwest.
Rob "Buried Alive" Hatch, for having a chance to get out of the Crypt and turning it down.
René "Past Her Prime" Lilly, for getting engaged and not getting hit on.
Travis "Key Master" Williams, for being the voice of responsibility and the hand of debauchery.
Richard "Shanghaied" Thomas, for finding something else to do with his computer.
Sam "Nodding Off" Chupp, for getting the keenest insight into that fabled Book.
Chris "Travolta" McDonough, for his musical taste— or lack thereof.
William "Virtual Adept" Hale, for finally getting his laptop foci.
Bill "Get Your Bras, Girls" Bridges, for his shopping (mis)adventures.
Benjamin "Pete Brady" Monk, Jr., for looking just like that whiny brat.
Lyndi "Pretty in Black" Hathaway, for getting rice thrown at her now-married head.
Michelle "Worshipping Porcelain" Prahler, for her introduction to White Wolf partying.
Stephan "How Many Nose Rings?" Wieck, for his introduction to White Wolf partiers.
Special, Special Thanks to the Gun Corral and Brock's Army/Navy Surplus for the assist on Dragonsbreath.

Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1993
Pages: 208
Publication #: WW 02206
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-053-8
Online: Bullet-rpg
Price: PDF: $13.20

The Vampire Players Guide Second Edition is an updated version of The Players Guide for the Vampire: The Masquerade Second Edition rules. A large portion of the book's text is reprinted, updated, and revised from the previous version of the Players Guide to fit the Second Edition's rules and formatting style. Notable among the new content in this edition of the Players Guide is the introduction of two new bloodlines, the Daughters of Cacophony and the Samedi, along with their respective signature Disciplines.


From the White Wolf catalog:

For the Storytelling Game of Personal Horror
"What are we? The Damned childer of Caine? The grotesque lords of humanity? The pitiful wretches of eternal Hell? We are the vampires, and that is enough. I am vampire, and that is more than enough. I am that which must be feared, worshipped and adored. The world is mine – now and forever!"
—Günter Dörn, Das Ungeheuer Darin


Chapter One: Character CreationEdit

Merits and Flaws; new Archetypes for characters' Nature and Demeanor; Paths of Enlightenment for independent clans; and rules for playing mortal characters, including Numina.

Chapter Two: The Expanded CharacterEdit

Secondary Abilities; new Thaumaturgical paths and rituals; and Discipline powers of six to ten(!) dots.

Chapter Three: The Society of the DamnedEdit

Expanded information on Status; the social structures of the seven clans of the Camarilla, including the Clan Prestige Background; guidelines for using Prestation and boons; independent clans and bloodlines (the Assamites, Followers of Set, Giovanni, Ravnos, Salubri, Daughters of Cacophony, and Samedi) and their distinct Disciplines; and expanded information on the traits of vitae.

Chapter Four: RoleplayingEdit

A collection of essays by Sam Chupp, Steve Crow, Teeuwynn, William Spencer-Hale, Jay Morrison, Lyndi Hathaway, Dustin Browder, and Sam Inabinet.

Chapter Five: EquipmentEdit

Expanded rules for firearms, melee weapons, artillery, grenades, high explosives, vehicles, poisons and drugs, computers, haven security, animal ghouls, mystical items, and other miscellaneous equipment, followed by a listing of all Discipline (including Paths and Rituals), Merits and Flaws published up to that date.


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