Written By: Phil Masters and Phil Brucato, with Rebecca Moss
Developed by: Phil Brucato
Edited by: Nancy Amboy
Art Direction: Richard Thomas
Art: Dennis Cramer, Jeff Holt, Mark Jackson and Guy Davis
Cover Art: Mark Jackson
Front and Back Cover Design, Layout and Typesetting: Ron Thompson
Sorcerers Crusade Game and Concept: Phil Brucato
Special Note
No kings, queens, spies or bodyguards were harmed during the production of this book. The carpets, however, were irreparably torn and the chandeliers will never be the same again.
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: Arthaus/White Wolf Game Studio
Published: July 10, 2000
Pages: 130
Year: 1466
Publication #: WW 4808
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-470-3
PDF: Bullet-rpg
Price: Digital: $8.14

The Swashbuckler's Handbook is a sourcebook for Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
A Lot of Daring...
To the Devil with the Dark Ages! This is an age of flash and flamboyance, where a swift blade and a quick wit can work wonders. Leave muddy battlefields to the crows! Mingling with courtesans and artists, philosophers and princes is far more comfortable... but no less deadly!
A Bit of Luck...
Machiavelli wasn't kidding, Poisoned cups and venom'd words epitomize the Renaissance. Without a bit of savoir-faire, a magus can find herself up to her neck in trouble before she can say et tu? So before you wind up in some princeling's dungeon (or dead!), take a moment to peruse this essential guide to surviving a different kind of war - the dance of seduction, intrigue, assassination and villainy most vile.
Don't forget your rapier...
And a Dash of Magick to Make it All Look Easy!
This Most Useful and Essential Sourcebook doth include:
  • Intrigues of the Ksirafai, Guildsmen, Solificati and Hermetics
  • Ars Cupiditae - the magick of hearts, minds and polished blades
  • Sex, violence, treachery - all the things that made the Renaissance great! - plus Storyteller hints, character types, classic stunts, and more


Prelude: Caesario Dances


Item, First: The Age of Masks

Item, Second: Masters of the Danse

Item, Third: Hearts and Blades

Item, Fourth: Honeyed Words and Bitter Poison


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