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The Succubus Club: Dead Man's Party is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade. The book details the methods in which Kindred arrange social affairs for others of their kind.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Everyone's Invited
The Damned are solitary monsters, contriving elaborate situations for themselves to deny the prominence of the Beast. Parties and other social affairs, from graceful soirees to brutal Sabbat ritae, from the building blocks of the undead's reputation. Hosting such affairs, whether as a pack priest or nascent prince, can be as arduous a process as claiming the domain itself. For players looking to enhance their characters' status or reputation, Succubus Club: Dead Man's Party is an invaluable resource. Coverall all the stages of planning a social affair, from the concept to the implementation (Or aftermath...), this title is invaluable for those players who want to participate in the grandiose social structure of the undead. This book contains information useful to Kindred of all clans, sects, ages and generations.
Succubus Club: Dead Man's Party includes:
  • Storytelling advice – and advice for players' characters! – upon which to build a chronicle set in the halls of society
  • Details on the various social offices of the clans and sects, such as harpies, bishops and liaisons to the established order
  • A schedule for how to assemble social affairs of all types - and how to crash them


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