The Silver Record is a supplement for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. It comprises extracts from the Silver Record of the Garou and a dictionary of Garou glyphs.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Tales from the First Days
When the first Garou howled the tales of their bravery into the night skies, it was begun. It was carefully preserved by the wisest Galliards throughout time, who added the stories of the greatest Garou. It has grown into more than a book, but into a collection of epics that preserves the history of the Garou Nation itself. It is the Silver Record.
Tales of the Last Heroes
Two for the price of one! The Silver Record is a doubly valuable book for Storytellers and players alike. The first section provides excerpts from the original Silver Record, detailing the Garou past like never before. The second half is a glyph dictionary, useful for crafting props, sending messages or even designing Garou tattoos! This one is for everyone interested in werewolf lore.


Book One: Excerpts from the RecordEdit

Introduction: Unfurling the ScrollsEdit


New Moon: CreationEdit

Crescent Moon: GrowthEdit

Half-Moon: KindnessEdit

Gibbous Moon: SacrificeEdit

Full Moon: ValorEdit

Eclipse: ShameEdit

Bright Moon: The NewEdit

Book Two: The Language of GlyphsEdit

The Pictogram DictionaryEdit

Appendix One: The Other BreedsEdit

Appendix Two: Adding to the RecordEdit

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