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Author: Joseph D. Carriker, Jr.
Layout & Typesetting: Matt Milberger
Publisher: White Wolf
Imprint: Sword and Sorcery Studios
Publication Date: April 14, 2003
Pages: 14
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The Serpent Amphora is a free adventure for the Scarred Lands d20 campaign setting. It serves as a prologue to the Serpent Amphora Cycle.


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Gift From a Dying Man
“I thank the gods and the mother of gods for your presence here... I am dying, but before I surrender my soul to Tanil’s mercies, I must tell a tale. I am Eôchaid, of the Vigils of Vesh. In our investigations, we learned of a small covey of hags on the edge of the Hornsaw and the Blood Steppes. We discovered that they had somehow come into possession of a prize that they claimed contained part of the very essence of the foul Hag-queen Mormo... It must be returned to Vesh."
And so begin the adventures of new heroes within the strange and violent Scarred Lands!
The Serpent Amphora is an adventure for characters of approximately 6 to 8 total levels. It is set within the Scarred Lands campaign setting in the small riverside village of Trela, on the border of New Venir and the Blood Steppes, during the Carnival of Flowers, the second Wildday of Tanot. It is suggested that the characters include a divine spellcaster, someone with the Heal skill and several decent fighters.
This adventure is the beginning of the Serpent Amphora Cycle. It is followed by Serpent in the Fold, an adventure for characters of 3rd-4th level.
This Sword & Sorcery™ book is published under the Open Game License and is 100% compatible with 3rd Edition rules and the d20 System.

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This adventure was made available for free on Sword and Sorcery's website in December 2001.

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