The Sea of Shadows is a sourcebook for Wraith: The Oblivion that details the eternal storm known as the Tempest, as well as information on Harrowings and tales of other strange and frightening locations.


From the White Wolf catalog:

In the Swirling Mists of Shadow
The Sea of Shadows is a lake of cold fire, burning through a wraith's self-delusions and setting flame to her Passions. It is a sea, not of murky, viscous water but of souls, and every drop is the pure essence of emotion. Foul Spectres lurk in its depths and enigmatic Ferrymen patrol the byways in search of lost souls. Who knows what else may await in the inky depths below?
From the Twilight of the Soul
The Sea of Shadows provides Storytellers with a complete overview of the geography of the Tempest, as well as additional information on storytelling Harrowings. Also included is a complete, ready-to-run adventure centered on the nightmarish realm known as the Sea of Shadows


The slick Johnny Liar finds out the hard way the Tempest does not negotiate.

This chapter also contains the purpose of the book, suggestions on how to use it, and the book lexicon.

Chapter One: Within the Soul Dark SeaEdit

How does one travel through the Tempest in the first place? This chapter has the information on the disorienting nature of the Tempest, the benefits of vehicles versus on-foot travel, and the other Dark Kingdoms and special zones that can be found mixed among the storm.

Chapter Two: Riders on the StormEdit

The terrifying creatures that dwell almost exclusively within the storm that many wraiths who never leave land see are detailed in this chapter, as well as a few wraithly groups that take advantage of the turbulent nature of the Tempest.

Chapter Three: By Darkness OvertakenEdit

Harrowings in great detail, by type, and ways to play them out are the focus of this section; there is more information and suggestions here than in the core book.

Chapter Four: Adrift on the Sea of ShadowsEdit

A Tempest-based campaign that pulls in many of the most dangerous aspects of the Tempest.

Appendix: The Ferryman's SackEdit

Assorted Arcanoi abilities and Artifacts that don't really fit in anywhere else.

Background InformationEdit

Memorable QuotesEdit


  • Smiling Lord: Someone stole his mask. And he isn't happy...


Angelic and Demonic, Byway, Delirium, Far Shore, Harrowing, Legendary, Phantasie, Plasmic, Spectre (WTO), Tempest, Wyrd (WTO)

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