The Rose is Sidhe member of House Leanhaun and holder of one of the great Treasures of the House.



Once a year, a great tournament (known as the Convocation of Leanhaun) is held to decide three positions: The Rose, The Harp, and The Crown, within the governing elite of the house. A female sidhe of the line of Leanhaun always holds the title of The Rose, and only sidhe (adopted or born into the family) are allowed to participate in the contests. The Rose assumes the role of caretaker for the house treasure known as the Rose of Leanhaun. She does not fill a merely honorary position, however, but sits on the High Council and helps decide issues that concern the house. To some degree, she also shapes house policy and strives to bring about conditions under which the House can throw off the curse of Finellia. While she holds the Rose of Leanhaun, the bearer does not need to Rhapsodize to retain her youth so long as she is in direct contact with the treasure at least once per week. The Rose never travels outside a freehold unless accompanied by six bodyguards drawn from among the members of the Knights Protector.

For the past twelve years, the same fae has won the title, making her the second most stable representative of the house. While serving as The Rose, the changeling ceremonially gives up her own name and leaves it behind do no one can use it against her or unduly influence her. Traditionally, The Rose does not engage in Rhapsody while in office and almost always takes The Harp as her lover and confidant. Other changelings of the house see the bearer as a holy person and expect her to embody all the best characteristics of the house: beauty, strength, talent, taste, and tenacity.


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