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The Risen is a splatbook for Wraith: The Oblivion. The book details a special kind of wraith called Risen, who have managed to return to their old bodies to avenge passions missed out in life.


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They Told You There Was No Coming Back
"Vincent screamed when he saw us -- me -- again. After killing me, he'd expected me to stay dead. A reasonable assumption, don't you think? But my Shadow and I, well, we're not reasonable people." -- Ryan Shearin, Risen
They Lied
Here's what you've been waiting for: the way back to the Skinlands. Here's what you'll need to get there. Here's the terrible price that, no matter what, you'll have to pay.
The Risen is a guide to the Walking Dead, those who dare to take their bodies back from the embrace of the coffin. Included are the powers, limitations and history of the Risen, as well as the terrible secret that each revenant carries with her. Gaze out from the sepulchre, and remember: Passion will always be stronger than the grave.

Ghost Story: A New Life

A murdered mother returns to protect the son she left behind and avenge her death.


How to use the book in campaigns, as well as additional reading to get you in the mood for a Risen campaign.

Chapter One: A Lust For Life

Presented as a message between vampires, this chapter describes the origins of the Risen, as well as their place in wraithly society, the details of the act of Rising, and how Risen can easily pass for vampires.

Chapter Two: The Art of Rising From the Grave

The details of what a wraith needs to become Risen, as well as character creation details for a Risen wraith and the Risen-exclusive Arcanoi of Fascinate and Serendipity.

Chapter Three: In the Skinlands

Once a wraith crosses over the Shroud and into a body, this chapter describes the sensations and difficulties a Risen can expect in a living world. It also offers story suggestions for creating or integrating a Risen into campaigns.

Chapter Four: The Shine of Dead Eyes

Five pre-made Risen characters for your haunting pleasure...

Appendix: Stories of the Risen

The most famous, infamous, and influential Risen who have entered (and left) the Shadowlands.



Fascinate, Risen, Serendipity


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