The Quick & the Dead is a supplement to Wraith: The Oblivion that covers how the world of the living manages to interact and interfere in the Shadowlands.


From the White Wolf catalog:

When the Prey Turns on the Hunter...
Ever since the first dark discovery of its own mortality, humanity has been fascinated by the world of the spirit. There are those who would know more of the afterlife. These mortal "pioneers of the spirit" come in search of the secrets of life beyond the grave, yet knowledge is not all that they seek...
It is Already Too Late!
From parapsychologists and spiritualists to the mysterious Benandanti and Sons of Tertullian, The Quick & the Dead provides the information necessary to begin your search for those elusive spirits known as the Restless Dead.


Prelude: Visiting RightsEdit

A man trying to find the source of his son's seclusion comes across a warring group of Spectres and Ferrymen.

Chapter One: IntroductionEdit

How to use in information in The Quick & the Dead.

Chapter Two: The HuntersEdit

The famous groups of ghost hunters and speakers: those seeking insight into the ghostly realms include the Gypsy Benandanti, the scientific and university-based Paranormal Research Wing, the ancient Orphic Circle, the Center for Parapsychological Research, the College of Psychic Learning. The ones seeking wraithly power and influence include the Sons of Tertullian, the Seven Sisters, and the Daughters of Creusa. The ones who do it for kicks include the Wisteria Prophets and the Pinball Wizards.

Chapter Three: Character CreationEdit

How to make a ghost hunter as a playable character.

Chapter Four: ChroniclesEdit

Ideas for running ghost hunter chronicles.

Chapter Five: Organization CreationEdit

How to make your own association of ghost hunters.


Traditional and modern equipment, including the Kirlian camera, and suggested reading for inspiration.

Background InformationEdit

This book was part of the Year of the Hunter series.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Just as the Quick have pioneers of space, time, and matter, so they have pioneers of the spirit." — Ferryman Regina




Benandanti, Center for Parapsychological Research, College of Psychic Learning, Daughters of Creusa, Orphic Circle, Paranormal Research Wing, Pinball Wizards, Seven Sisters, Sons of Tertullian, Wisteria Prophets

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