The Order of Reason is a sourcebook for Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade enabling players to use members of the Order of Reason as player characters.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Slay the Dragons of Ignorance and Fear
Born in a dark age, the Order of Reason stretches from the palaces of Cathay to ships bound for new and wondrous worlds. Like beacons in a storm, the Eight Conventions of Daedalus guide mankind to a higher state. But there are many enemies in the night, and the worst of them may hide within the Order of Reason itself!
Build Castles of Strength and Wisdom
While wizards and mortals alike cut one another's throats, the Order stands like a fortress. But what secrets do its battlements conceal? This book takes you inside the castle: to the Artisan's forges, the Skyrigger's decks, the Guildsman's court and the Razor's gilded mirror.


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Chapter Five: The Hero, RevealedEdit


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